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The Secret to Youthful Skin

BTB13™ Anti-Age skin care line pre-empts and reduces the visible signs of aging skin. Hyaluronic acid in The BTB13™ compound restores the skin’s natural moisture balance adding to its wholesome wellbeing and fullness. The products offer the skin efficient protection with antioxidants, shielding it from adverse environmental factors. BTB13™ Anti-Age products brighten, firm and revive skin.

BTB13 Anti-Age Serum 30ml – 98,00€

BTB13 Anti-Age Cream I 50ml – 58,00€
BTB13 Anti-Age Cream II 50ml – 68,00€
BTB13 Anti-Age Cream III 50ml – 78,00€

BTB13 Starter Set I* – 88,00€
BTB13 Starter Set II* – 98,00€
BTB13 Starter Set III* – 108,00€
*(includes Anti-Age Serum 15ml and Anti-Age Cream 30ml)

BTB13 Anti-Age Toner 250ml – 38,00€
BTB13 Anti-Age Cleansing Emulsion 250ml -38,00€
BTB13 Cleansing Oil 100ml – 28,00€

BTB13 Exfoliation AHA 15 % 50ml – 38,00€
BTB13 Anti-Age Mask 50ml – 48,00€
BTB13 Omega-3 Face Oil 30ml – 48,00€
BTB13 Anti-Age Eye Cream 15ml – 48,00€
BTB13 Anti-Age Tinted Day Cream (light & medium) 30ml – 38,00€
BTB13 Total Corrector – 28,00€
BTB13 Eyelash Serum – 48,00€