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Naviter Inc.

Naviter Inc. is a fast-growing Finnish family-owned company that develops and produces innovative skin and hair care products in Helsinki. We are specialised in professional and medical cosmetics, eco-friendly cosmetics and products for sensitive skin.

Our Brands

EKOPHARMA HelsinkiAtopikBTB13
Our professional cosmetics lines are BTB13 and EKOPHARMA Helsinki. BTB13 offers efficient treatment with patented stem cell technology. EKOPHARMA Helsinki has found the secret to healthy and beautiful skin in the power of Finnish berries. ATOPIK is a line of certified Finnish pharmacy cosmetics, developed for the most sensitive of skins.

Product Development

When developing new products, we select the best ingredients with proven track records, that are safe both for people and the environment. We utilise the latest innovations in active ingredients while making use of nature’s greatest ingredients.