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Are you in need of an internship for your studies or looking to get experience in the field? Below you can find descriptions of positions or internships suitable to us. During an internship you can familiarise yourself with various tasks, the content of which depends on your past education, skills and our needs. In a small company everyone gets to work with multifaceted assignments.

Are studying to become a Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, cosmetologist, cosmetics advisor or a hairdresser? Interested in a career in sales, marketing, training or product development?
Production and inventory needs hard-working, proactive and precise people. Tasks may include e.g. filling canisters, placing labels ja packing products in boxes. Cleaning, washing laboratory equipment and other production supporting tasks as necessary.
Dealing with orders and customer service by phone and e-mail. Also inventory tasks and updating the webstore.
For product development, production, quality control, laboratory testing, safety evaluation and material purchases etc.
B2B sales and marketing and supporting tasks.
Good at social media marketing or writing well-informed blog articles?
Product broschures, product information, websites, newsletters and articles are in need of skilled writers.
Good with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign? Skilled in product photography and video editing? An expert in branding?
Confident in package design and broschures?
Know atleast html, css and wordpress. Other languages are an advantage. Good with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign?