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Our Values

Innovativeness – Professional expertise together with nature’s best ingredients

Our products are manufactured from gentle, natural ingredients with proven expertise. The development of functional, caring and well-tolerated products is our passion. For our products, we choose the most effective ingredients of the highest quality, from which our expert staff create our unique and effective products for sensitive skin.

In product development, we choose the best ingredients that give great results, and are safe to both people and the environment. We utilize the latest innovations in science in active ingredients and we make use of nature’s best ingredients. Nature, care and reliability come together in our products.

Tolerability – Our ingredients are mild and skin friendly

At Naviter we use environmentally friendly ingredients, that are well-suited for even sensitive skin. Good tolerability of our products is a priority for us, together with offering the best possible care.

Our products are developed for the needs of sensitive skin. Good tolerability is the basis for us in both product development and in our ingredient choices. We make use of many Finnish bio-active ingredients, that have superb effects in skincare. Our products use scents of natural origin. We also have scent-free products lines for those sensitive to scents.

No animal testing – we are committed to non-animal tested cosmetics

Animal testing in cosmetics products has been forbidden within the EU since 2013. Despite this, it is possible for companies to have their products or ingredients tested with animals outside the EU. We at Naviter are committed to non-animal tested cosmetics. We feel that animal tests done for cosmetics and its ingredients are unethical and unnecessary, as they can be replaced by other research methods.

Naviter has been granted the international Leaping Bunny certificate for non-animal tested cosmetics, by the ECEAE. We purchase and use only ingredients that have written proof of not being animal tested. Products manufactured by Naviter have at no point been animal tested.

Eco-friendliness – We are committed to choices friendly to the environment

We pay special note to the environmental effects of the ingredients we choose, as we want to choose ecologic, renewable and sustainable ingredients for our products. The packaging we use is recyclable.

Our products are manufactured in our own facilities in Helsinki, according to the principles of sustainable development. We use Finnish and locally produced ingredients whenever possible. We have picked ingredients as friendly to the environment as possible, as we do not wish for daily hygienic care to be harmful to the environment.